Garden design approach - measured survey

measured survey & site assessment

During this second site visit I record and plot what already exists on the site, including the house and boundaries, outbuildings, trees and shrubs and any materials that can be retained, recycled or re-used. I analyse your soil type and condition, record changes in levels, the location of services and any structures or plants that you wish to retain in situ. At the same time I record information about the locality,the climate, native plants, habitats, vernacular buildings and local materials. Views in and out of the site, areas of sun and shade and the need for screening are recorded. This information enables me to produce a design that relates to its location and that functions efficiently. A detailed survey drawing is then produced from which the design evolves.

On a large or complex site, it is advisable to instruct a land surveyor to undertake the topographical survey. I will recommend local surveyors should this be necessary.

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